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?Social Media Management ?– A Powerful SEO Strategy

Seeking to generate heavy traffic on your obscure website!! Don’t worry. India’s Ahmadabad based ‘SEO Yaksha’ would meet the desire of yours, getting your current limbo-website popularized globally via social media marketing management. Social media management is one of the most powerful search engine optimization strategies that generate heavy traffic of customers on the targeted sites pulling them from prominent social media platforms by building web-links. Social media linking services create heaviest buzz of customers on the sites through a chain that contributes in intermittently flourishing the business.

Outstanding Social Media Management Services


We identify the audiences through social media management to generate traffic

Create Content

We attract the customers posting useful content and arousing curiosity among the inquisitive customers.


We prepare social media profile and enable online attraction

Image Building

We build a positive image of business through branding, reputation-building and community set up.

Customize the Platform

We customize the social media marketing optimization


We prepare the report on social media marketing management activities regularly to apprise our client of the status of our activities

Enliven? Your Business with ?Out Of Your Clients And?Fans?Tremendous Website-Buzz of Clients

Social media is an online platform of people connected with each other through an unending chain of the visitors. It turns even a sluggish or low trafficked website into a heavily-trafficked site setting a path for expansive business activities. Some of the profit-oriented activities adopted by SEO Yakshaa under the social media marketing strategy include PPC (pay-per-click) and online business transactions. As social media platforms enable live interactions of people, the product or services of the company get unprecedented popularity through comments, messages and live chats of social-media arena engaging countless people with the site. The social media marketing management of SEO Yakshaa can be described in other words as a powerful optimizing service as well that works like catalysis in promoting business by highlighting many of its crucial aspects that contributes in the promotion of business projecting the company as a most trusted business in the world.


What Our SEO Clients Say About Us


Without a doubt, our flagship client! With more than 12 projects active for the past two and a half years, Lice Trooper’s online presence has transformed with each passing quarter. Our Search Technicians, created a multi-tier, multi-pronged approach targeting 10 cities simultaneously in the state of Florida. Today their sales are through the roof!

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About Social Media Management of SEO Yakshaa

Being well introduced with the power of social media organization you all can easily perceive how amazingly it can pull the populace of social media and encourage it to get engaged somehow to promote any business online which the SEO Yaksha has excellence in. The SEO Yakshaa deals with all types of website related jobs like forming & popularizing new websites, generating traffic on dormant site, content development, writing reviews and blogs, PPC and social media marketing. These multi-pronged strategies are the parts of optimization services which rejuvenate a targeted site and thus promote the business. The SEO Yakshaa belongs to Ahmadabad, a prosperous city of Gujarat in India that has as of now enlivened innumerable websites improving their ranking with heavy traffic of clients being generated thereon.

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