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SEO Strategies

SEO strategies created by Yaksha Inc are fully in line with Google’s guidelines and are purely white. Our clients never have to worry about the web site being punished with search engines or updates such as Panda and Penguin. Comprehensive, Yaksha Inc.’s field strategy. have been successful in producing the results.

Content has become the central stage after Panda and Penguin updates, which is why SEO is now more content-oriented. At Yaksha Inc. are developed based on content-based, tailored and bottom-up strategies based on niche, industry, and user competition. Simply put, we create top content that

  • Invite new visitors to your website
  • Increase your weekly and monthly conversions
  • Improve your keyword rank on Google and Yahoo
  • It establishes authority in search engines, your target audience, and viewers
  • Improve your company’s network reputation and strengthen your brand

If we succeed in producing good results, that’s because we have an excellent team. Our SEOs have a profound knowledge of Google’s ranking algorithm and how to link users to their site. Our content team has a longstanding writing experience for many industries and niches.

Why Our SEO Strategies Work?


The SEO strategy stratosphere is highly competitive. Every day, writers and strategists from some of the best SEO companies around attempt to position themselves among the elite SEO superstars in the game by creating blog posts, infographics and landing pages using what they claim are the “latest SEO strategy best practices.” Or at least that’s what they want you to think.

Like every competitive industry, these best-in-class SEO companies want you to believe there’s much more to search engine optimization than what anyone could tell you in a single blog post. They want you to believe their SEO strategy cannot be fully understood by the average marketing director. They then want you to give them your business. And after you’re done drinking their Kool-Aid, they want you to continue to feel like the truly successful SEO strategies cannot be accomplished without their help.

Step 1
Flourished among best SEO companies in business

Flourished among best SEO companies in business

Yakshaa inc, one that has flourished among some of the best SEO companies in business today, the team at Vital is here to tell you that SEO isn’t as convoluted as some would want you to believe. It’s actually pretty simple.

Hosting issues

Plagiarism and duplicate content

Canonicalization issues

HTML optimization issues

Link profiling

Website structure issues

Current keyword rankings

Webmaster settings

Social media analysis

Overall website health

Step 2
Content Creation + SEO

Step 2 – Content Creation + SEO

SEO is not a one and done, wham bam thank you ma’am, sort of strategy. It takes time. The top SEO companies will lead you to believe that SEO success is almost automatic, provided that you hang on to every piece of advice they give you and follow their instructions word for word. They’ll use words like “guaranteed” and “instant” to lure you in. They’re tricking you—SEO takes longer than you think.

Informative Articles That Build Trust and Increase Traffic

Blog Posts
Quality Blog Posts To Boost Traffic Coming To Your Website

Highly Creative Infographics To Bring New Visitors

Meticulously Designed Quality Videos that Create A Buzz

Industry-Driven Press Releases that Build Authority and

It also takes persistence. Simply reading a blog from a top SEO strategy company and then employing all of the best practices you learned into your own website or blog is an effective short-term solution. It is not, however, a strategy that will produce long term gains. Remember, you’re not the only one trying to improve your search engine rankings. It’s like that horse racing game at the carnival where you and all of your competitors must shoot a stream of water at a tiny target and the person who’s able to focus their stream on the target the longest usually comes in first place. SEO is the same way. To be successful you must continually have your eye on the prize.

At Vital, we’ve found that the average company will start to see the fruits of their SEO labor pay off within 6–9 months. But again, this generous timeline is only achieved through a persistent SEO strategy that continually focuses on quality and quantity of content.

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