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Whether or not you are a photographer, you will find yourself appreciating the nature of these pictures, their beautiful subjects, their use of focal points and negative space?and the inclusion of complementary, often pastel, hues. Makeup brands are particularly competent in establishing a perfect flow of colors in pictures on IG.

So how do you do what they do? Yes, they have professional photographers and graphic designers, but you don’t need to master either to have a good-looking Instagram profile.

Plus, as beauty brands do, you can also reuse a picture again with different shade if you are selling one product in different color. Recolor and repeat—it works well for those with scarce content.

Interaction Going Digital

We’re social creatures and crave interaction; the growth of social media—with its many features for sharing information in a creative manner—allows human to take their usual conversations online.

This includes asking for advice regarding purchase decisions. So if a person loves that product and talks about it on IG, you can bet that their friends and family will be curious and develop interest in it.

about an important announcement or some part of your business you want to highlight (these last 24 hours). Stories with polls help you gather insight from followers.

You can also pin certain stories to your IG profile permanently. These usually include product categories or FAQs, so that users don’t have to search for specific information about your business.


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